Official Press Release For Activity Horizon


Activity Horizon helps people find things to do

January 18th, 2008 (Sydney, Australia) - A new website has launched ( that will help people find activities that interest them. Activity Horizon allows people to search for activities and events with evolving functionality based on their location, interests, and friends. The website was built as part of startup camp over 24 hours this weekend, a 'boot camp' for entrepreneurs in the technology sector.

Co-founder Ryan Cross during university at New Orleans had a car, plenty of friends, but extreme difficultly in finding events and activities that were location based. When he migrated to Sydney four years ago, he found similar issues trying to find activities he was interested in.

Social media entrepreneur Bronwen Clune states that "location based activity search is still in its infancy, and it would be great if someone could solve this problem outside of the bigger companies who lack focus in this area." Activity search is more complex than a Google search on locations, as it searches for dynamic events - data not easily available. Futurist Ross Dawson claims that "in the near future we will be able to instantaneously discover where we should go next. I look forward to knowing what's happening nearby that interests me the most, and where my friends are going too".

Activity Horizon is simple and powerful. Mick Liubinskas, a startup advisor with Pollenizer, says that: "Matching events with motivation is one of the Holy Grails of online businesses. The balance of useful versus simple has always been the challenge and this application may just have nailed it." With a focus on local recommendations and what you potentially are interested in, Activity Horizon will help keep you in the loop.

Startup camp Sydney II is a weekend where 39 people across six teams conceive, build and launch a business idea. Moderated by Bart Jellema, he says "it's amazing to see the energy and dedication these guys have shown, to stay up all night and achieve the impossible".

Activity Horizon is a website that allows people to discover events and activities that they would be interested in. For further information, please contact the Executive Vice President of Applied Marketing Buzzwordry Elias Bizannes on 0412 338 508 or moc.nozirohytivitcA|maet#moc.nozirohytivitcA|maet

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