Startup Resources Australia

This is an open wiki listing many resources useful for IT/web/technology entrepreneurs in Australia. Please add your startup in the Startups section and add any other useful info. No registration required :)

Blogs - List of blogs about Australian Startups
Podcasts - Listen to some compelling podcasts
Events - Useful events for entrepeneurs
Startups - Overview of startups around Australia
People - The people that make up the Australian startup eco-system
StartupCamp - Read everything about the startupcamps in Australia
ServiceProviders - Overview of endorsed startup service providers
Starting - Some tips on how to actually get started
Option Grants in Australia - Advice on structuring employee option plans
SEO - Useful resources to help promote your site
Funding - Where is, or isn't the money in Australia
Grants - Available grants or tax benefits]
Awards - What eligible business awards there are in Australia
The Valley - A howto for Aussies going to Silicon Valley
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News Report - All small start up business's need exposure and that's exactly what perthtradereviews does in western australia. Find and discover small business owners that are making there way in the world.
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