FB_Logo_2.jpgVeggbox is a marketplace for sustainable food products. Our aim is to improve health and reduce food miles buy connecting local food growers with local buyers.

About us:

Sandra J. Velarde- is a Peruvian Forester with a passion for small scale farming. She bring 7 years of researching and promoting agroforestry internationally, having worked for the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), The World Agroforestry Centre and the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture. She is currently studying a PhD in Environment at the ANU. Meet Sandra at Favourite phrase: Feed me! Special powers: Multi-cultural communications and action-research.

Arthur Lau- graduated with a degree in law and commerce from Macquarie University in 2009, and is currently pursuing postgraduate studies in law. Outside his academic pursuits, he is deeply passionate about entrepreneurship, health, and photography. He has experience in a number of entrepreneurial pursuits, from leading the operation of a import-based startup during high school, to co-founding the Macquarie University Red Cross Society. He is excited about VeggBox and believes that the world needs to eat more veggies!

Fahim Sachedina- is a enterprise enthusiast, having set up his first business in school when he was 14, selling beverages and other products to students. He is the founder of The Student Business Review ( and is currently on an exchange program at the ANU, originally studying at the University of Manchester. He is passionate about quality produce and tasty food and hates seeing good food going to waste (which led to this idea!). Special Power: Relentless drive to start from scratch.

Yi Lin- is an enthusiast on computer programming. He spent half of his 25 years thinking about what to do, and have been spending the rest half programming. He fully believes Donald Knuth’s words that computer programming is rather an art than an accurate science. He is currently pursuing a research degree in ANU on computer system, and in part time, working with friends on smartphone development.


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Want to know more about how it works? People find what they want on the site, pay for it via our payment system, who then receive a coupon in exchange. They will then have to travel within a short radius in order to collect these goods from the grower who will take the coupon in return. Simple!

Here's the initial version of our site: Please have a look and let us know what you think. Any feedback at this early stage is highly valuable!

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