Turnoff Conditioner


About TurnOff Conditioner

TurnOff Conditioner helps people with certain habits or addictions get rid of them using negative operant conditioning. Images of repulsive acts or objects would be shown after images the habit or addictions.


To provide a simple platform where operant conditioning would be available for everyone to help get rid of habits or addictions.

The Team

Jack Bruce (Business/Marketing)
Jack is in his second year of a double degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications/Commerce at the University of Canberra. He has no background in IT, but took an interest in to learn more about how the industry works.

Caren Ma (Graphics)
Caren is in her first year of studying Human Nutrition at the University of Canberra. She took up graphics design as an interest, and is behind the creation of the logo. She is from China.

William Huang (Laborer)
William wanted his job to be a 'laborer'. He's studying Bachelor of Science at the University of Canberra and has an interest in drawing.

Ashjau(Ash) Latheef (Business/Marketing)
Ash is in his second year of studying Advertising and Marketing Communications at the University of Canberra. He has an interest in graphics and entrepreneurship and was behind the TurnOff banner.

Buck Shlegeris (Web design)
Buck is studying first year in Computer and Science at Australian National University. He is so shifty in making program and the operant conditioning concept proposer.

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