Sydney StartupCamp

Seed Accelerator & Startup Australia present:


October 8 - 10, 2010

Have a Great Idea to Start a New Business?

Turn your ideas into action and fast track your success at the StartupCamp organised by Startup Australia & Seed Accelerator. It is a concentrated, intensive hands-on event where you start with an idea on Friday evening and by Sunday afternoon you can literally be in business ready to generate your first lead or customer.

Invest in the one thing you have control over…YOURSELF!

Our Sydney StartupCamp IV is EXCITING, HANDS ON, INTERACTIVE, FUN, FRUITFUL and FAST MOVING: to accelerate your growth and… your success!

Sydney StartupCamp:

  • Before Now: You Have a Great New Business Idea
  • Right Now: You Register For Our Next Event
  • Friday Night (8/10) at the Sydney StartupCamp: Will My Idea Work & Make $?
  • Saturday (9/10) at the Sydney StartupCamp: Laying the Ground work for Your New Venture
  • Meet With The Experts: Get Lessons Learned From Mentors and Ask Your Most Pressing Questions
  • Sunday (10/10) at the Sydney StartupCamp: Lauch Your Product or Service & Pitch to Potential Investors, Business Partners and Clients
  • Monday & Beyond: Grow Your New Company!
  • Thursday (16/10) at the Sydney Startup Networking Party: Pitch Your Unique Value Proposition to a Large Crowd of Fellow Enterpreneurs, Business Leaders and Investors.

UNSW, UTS, Microsoft BizSpark, Foundry38, Synsation Design, Amazon Web Services, beyondblue, Zazu Apps,, Mudboard, Startup Digest, HP and Oracle.

For Who?
Anyone with the desire and idea to start a new tech venture: online, mobile, software, digital media, cleantech, etc.
This means wannapreneurs, entrepreneurs, developers, designers, sales & marketing experts, people who can't wait to give up their corporate career, startup entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone else who want to take part in an exciting, high performance and fruitful event at which you can lay the foundation of your new business venture, build new valuable relationships, can learn & explore and…. can have lots of fun!

How To Register
We make it even easier to register NOW: it's just a $50 fee (to cover the catering costs).

You can register and pay using PayPal or your credit card via our Eventbrite page. Click HERE for more info.

Don't Miss Out: Register Early!
Over 80% of our event is expected to fill well in advance. So please register early.
Seating is very limited at our Sydney StartupCamp event. Participation varies from 25 to 60 attendees MAXIMUM per event. Attendees MUST pre-register to lock in a spot. Sorry, on-site registration is NOT available. When an event is full, it's full. There is absolutely no risk in registering right now because we will refund or credit 100% of your event fee if you notify us in advance that you cannot make the event.

Getting Ready
Once you successfully register, we email you the event details (i.e. what to bring, detailed directions, etc.).
To maximize your experience at the Seed StartupCamp, we give you a few tasks to complete prior to attending the event. Although not required, they are highly recommended.

At The Sydney StartupCamp
Our events typically start at 6 PM local time Friday evening. Snacks and refreshments are provided (included in the fee).
The fun continues on Saturday and Sunday as you develop your business idea into a functioning new business and go from zero to success! Remember, our unique process is different from those "tell you what to do without showing you how" seminars. It's exciting, HANDS ON, interactive and fast moving: to accelerate your growth and…your success! So be ready to "GIT-R-DONE" while here!

Let Seed Accelerator and Startup Australia help you to turn your idea into a new business smarter, faster and better!

For more information and tickets, please click HERE.

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