Startup Weekend Schedule

This is the schedule so far. Be aware, this can change at any timeā€¦


7PM Speed Networking
7:30PM Welcome Speech, house rules, logistics, Geekville intro
7:45PM Forming of teams
8:00PM Structured brainstorm session to stimulate creativity and come up with some crazy ideas
8:30PM Pick an idea - from brainstorm or existing or new
9:30PM Get 1 laptop and find a name + domainname
9:55PM Divide equity
10:00PM Create an elevator pitch for your idea
10:30PM Pitch to the other teams, written feedback and voting
11:00PM Spec out the scope and define tasks for team members
12:00PM Work starts


10AM Logo designed
2PM Soft Launch - First version of site goes live
10PM Press kit ready + draft press release


10AM Pitch to Allan Aaron, General Partner at TVP
12PM Press release ready
6PM Final presentation of achievements
6:45PM Feedback on the weekend

We will split the group into 3 teams based on preferred development platform:
- ASP (.NET)
- Ruby on Rails

As a document/code/creative repository we will use SVN.

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