Startup Weekend Packing List
  • Powerboard (with long lead or extension cord)
  • Laptops (w/ SVN installed and w/monitor and keyboard if you prefer to work that way)
  • Headphones (in case your project involves audio/video or you want to listen to some tunes)
  • Toiletries (there is a shower, verdict out on whether or not it works :))
  • Extension cords
  • Network cable (preferably long to very long)
  • Network hub (if you have oneā€¦ anyone has a 24-port one?)
  • Sweater (unknown what the air/con does at night)
  • Air mattresses (if you like to take naps, we're going to start an air mattress village in one of the rooms)
  • Cameras/camcorders (for filming pitches, doing on the street interviews, other creative things)
  • All meals will be provided (maybe a little extra pocket change for the vending machines between meals)
  • Whatever else keeps you happy :)
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