Startup Weekend Feedback


- great for building our networks and meeting a bunch of interesting people
- working with strangers
- brainstorming at the start up - the exercise about what do you like etc
- Bart the startup herder worked really well
- each team having a coach
- presentations to VC was great
- 'outsiders' loved the webcam
- hearing the VC feedback
- Beer
- Location (one room), break-out rooms with whiteboards, central Sydney
- Not a strangers walking in and out
- Team size
- Live Streaming


- need a place to crash for a few hours
- longer notice before the event
- need better food, more frequent
- need infrastructure (wireless keys, internet access, power, server, SVN)


- make it a 24 hour event, more focused event (sat lunch to Sun lunch)
- have VCs at the launch on Sun morning
- have a couple of crash-rooms
- could think of an event out of town (must have high speed internet)
- needed more designers, had a bit of a mismatch on skill sets.
- have a rating system for peoples skills so we could assess what we have and don't have
- new rule "you can't work with people you have worked with before", to get the opportunity to work with new people
- bit more structure to the brainstorm, make it a couple of rounds
- make a list of criteria and constraints
- blind voting
- open group brainstorming at the start up
- splitting into groups, then present the top ideas, all presented
- more post-it notes, flipcharts, white board pens, a4 paper
- do more on how to put the presentation to the VC together
- bring a tripod for the webcam
- tell online viewers when the next cool thing will be coming up - like the elevator pitches
- make everyone do a formal VC pitch
- outlines for elevator pitch, 5 slide VC pitch, business plan (one page version)
- make sure that everyone gets more practice pitching, make sure the person rotates
- more feedback from the group as a whole (limit the time)
- cross - pollenization (moving people from team to team) - perhaps after beta releases?
- More break-out rooms with whiteboards, flipcharts, etc.
- Videographer, video montage of the weekend
- Press buzz before the weekend, getting reporters to come through the event and help on stuff
- More networking
- Ability to swap resources, free agents, remote resources
- Making equity split easier
- Parking
- Getting more sponsorships
- Forums about resources (laptops, etc.)
- Milestones around Sunday (press release, etc.)

Discussions (things for debate)

- more coding or less coding?
- format = how would it be different if is was 5 days or had a follow up weekend
- what should we do/not do about who should come to the next Startup Camp
- how do we stimulate getting the interest of young entrepreneurs
- whether or not to have a VC emphasis

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