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It's a Melbourne's version of Sydney's StartupCamp.

It's a get together of people from different disciplines that have an interest in startups and do a complete startup in one weekend. From coming up with the idea and making a business plan to pitching, design and development and marketing.


The Fri-Sun of 3-5 Oct 2008.
From 6pm Friday to 6pm Sunday


kisla interactive studio in Fitzroy


Any help preparing and organizing will be appreciated.
Sponsorship (food, drinks, etc).


This is not just for coders, we're looking for a even distribution of Graphic Designers, Marketing/PR and Coders. Also people who have other skills like Journalists, Video Producers, Writers or anyone who can help out in some way are welcome. You don't need to be a superstar to join, as long as you're excited, driven, put in 147% and have an open mind.

Registration is now closed for this event!

Nr Name Contact Website/Blog Skills
1 Maxim Shklyar shklyar at gmail Web development, Organizer
2 Daniel Granot moc.liamg|tonargleinad#moc.liamg|tonargleinad IT / Sales / Trainer
4 Bart Jellema moc.soojt|amellej.trab#moc.soojt|amellej.trab Coding/Marketing/PR/Help with Organizing
5 Kim Chen moc.soojt|nehc.mik#moc.soojt|nehc.mik Marketing/PR
6 Suhit Anantula moc.neergsidlrow|alutnana.tihus#moc.neergsidlrow|alutnana.tihus Business Strategy, Green Business, Marketing
7 Michael Specht ua.moc.thcepsni|leahcim#ua.moc.thcepsni|leahcim Ideas/Facilitation/Coding ok prototyping :-)/Help with Organizing/Project Manager
8 Craig Baker moc.liamg|rekabbgiarc#moc.liamg|rekabbgiarc Engineering & Strategy
9 Jason Brownlee moc.liamg|50eelnworb.nosaj#moc.liamg|50eelnworb.nosaj Software Engineer
10 Duncan Riley ua.moc.tenehcin|nacnud#ua.moc.tenehcin|nacnud Marketing, PR, development
11 Matt Milosavljevic moc.liamg|olimm.rm#moc.liamg|olimm.rm Front end designer/engineer
12 Cam MacRae moc.liamg|earcam.mac#moc.liamg|earcam.mac Engineering/Sys Admin
13 Pieter p at Simple frontend code, graphics
15 Rory Hart moc.artslet|rortrah#moc.artslet|rortrah Engineering, Design & Project Management
16 Zach Griffin moc.snoitalumisenihcsam|niffirg.hcaz#moc.snoitalumisenihcsam|niffirg.hcaz Game Development, Road & Motorsport Driver Training
18 Amir Nissen ua.moc.egnahcfostnega|rima#ua.moc.egnahcfostnega|rima Marketing, Business Strategy
19 Benjamin Sheedy ben -a t- Graphic Design, Web Development
20 Martin Neumann ua.moc.gpt|ohos#ua.moc.gpt|ohos Freelance Journalist, Marketing & PR
21 Neil Nand moc.liamg|dnanlien#moc.liamg|dnanlien Senior Flash Developer @ The White Agency
22 Nick Hac moc.liamg|cahkcin#moc.liamg|cahkcin Web Strategy, ASP.NET/SQL development, SEO, PR
23 Scott Goldie sgoldie at Solution Design, Dev, and Management
24 Steve Hopkins steve at Strategy, Marketing, PR and Opportunity Evaluation
25 John Sherwood john.sherwood.was.taken atz gmail Web developer
26 Kilian Lippa ua.moc.gpt|appil.nailik#ua.moc.gpt|appil.nailik Web Designer / Developer
27 Cindy Gottinger moc.liamg|regnittog.s.ydnic#moc.liamg|regnittog.s.ydnic Sales (Asia market)/Marketing/Business Development/Finance
28 David Monagle david.monagle a-t Developer
29 Vincent Brendel vb @ Project management / Development
30 Josh Kinal joshkinal atz gmail (amongst others) Web Producer / Content Creator / Writer

waiting list:

Nr Name Contact Website/Blog Skills
31 Mike Henry mike at Marketing / Content
32 Zara Hassan ua.ude.uv.evil|nassah.araz#ua.ude.uv.evil|nassah.araz Design/Marketing
33 Jeremy Williams jeremy274 at Lawyer
34 Karen Dempster ua.moc.egnahcgnitaerc|nerak#ua.moc.egnahcgnitaerc|nerak auConsultant, Futurist/HR
35 Sarah Stahle: moc.liamg|elhats.haras#moc.liamg|elhats.haras Law/Marketing
36 Sjors Provoost ln.tsoovorps|srojs#ln.tsoovorps|srojs Programming / Ideas / Project Management
37 Jacob Lonroth es.enilnoenid|bocaj#es.enilnoenid|bocaj Web Project Management + Business Strategy & Marketing
38 Peta Phelan moc.liamtoh|nalehp_pep#moc.liamtoh|nalehp_pep Writer/Illustrator/Technical Writer
39 Carley Scott moc.evil|eltrut.tsellams#moc.evil|eltrut.tsellams Media Communications/Advertsing Consultant/Technical Writer
40 Mark Micallef mark at micallef dot name Software Engineer / Systems Analyst / Design (web, integration)
41 Daniel Pettet dan [at] FlashAS3 / LAMP / CMSs / Prototyping / Consulting / SEO / Entrepreneur
42 Chris Nieuwenhuizen moc.liamtoh|njac#moc.liamtoh|njac Trainee SCRUM Master / Requirements Gathering / Testing /Database Design & Development
43 Jared Quinert moc.liamtoh|elbbilfx#moc.liamtoh|elbbilfx Testing/Requirements/Product-Interaction Design/Agile coaching
44 Ricardo Escalon moc.liamtoh|reyortsedle#moc.liamtoh|reyortsedle User Experience Specialist


Sponsor Provided Beer, Champagne, ASP(.NET) + MSSQL hosting SVN Repositories and bug tracking in the cloud
kisla interactive studio space, tea, organisation
CarSales Dinner Friday & Saturday nights
Inspecht furniture, drinks, organisation


Contact Maxim at shklyar-at-gmail or 0414 776463

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