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Three Teams, Three Startups, One Weekend

September 6th, 2008 (Sydney, Australia) –

Just how easy is it to launch a company? How about three? Right now, teams from Startup Camp Sydney are putting the finishing touches on three real-life business ventures created in just 48 hours. Join us at 10pm tonight (AEST) to see the results go live:

With zero budget and no preparation, twenty like-minded strangers have set themselves the challenge of going from conception to production in a single weekend. From veteran entrepreneurs to cubicle-dwellers, coders to marketers, this new breed of Australian innovators are showing the world that starting a company is easier now than ever before.

Tonight, the brand new businesses LinkViz, TrafficHawk and uTag will launch live to the public. What are they?

uTag rewards people for the value they pass to their online social networks. Instead of being punished for pointing readers at interesting external sites, uTaggers can now share in the rewards. Check us out at is a free website delivering up to the minute RTA traffic alerts for NSW drivers. Receive warnings about your commute before you leave home and see what's happening on the roads right now.
• What’s got Twitter’s attention right now? Which sites are your friends talking about? – see the sites.

"It's really cool to see the energy and resourcefulness of all the teams. This is a great example of what's possible when you take a bunch of talented people and give them a real challenge" said Startup Camp Chief Instigator Bart Jellema.

Come join us as we introduce Australia’s three newest companies to the world.

Press Contact: Bart Jellema
Mobile: 0401 984 056
Email: moc.soojt|amellej.trab#moc.soojt|amellej.trab

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