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The Fix5 Team
1. Sam Cavenagh (Code Poet)
Sam Cavenagh is a programmer at Dius computing. New to the company but comes with loads of Java experience.
Current fix: Learning Ruby
Coffee personality: LARGE CUPPA ONE

2. Ozan Onay (Chief Architect)
Ozan is a web developer at Digital Eskimo.
Current fix: Working on brilliant education product

3. Dylan Jay (Chief Boss Man)
Dylan is our Python developer and passsionate entrepreuner with 6 year of business experience.
Current fix: Building a successful business

4. Scott Nolan (Director of Creative Visuals)
Scott Nolan is a designer by trade and works for Digital Eskimo. He enjoys working with and exploring different disciplines, including motion graphics and illustration.
Current fix: Photography paparazzi
Coffee personality: LATTE PLEASER

5. Weini Samuel (Project Pillar)
Weini Samuel is a medical scientist by day and bio-business manager by night. She is an analyst and is passionate about management, leadership and getting results.
Current fix: Marketing strategist
Coffee personality: FLAT WHITE- THE RITE BALANCE

6. Tristan Knowles (Director of Randomness)
Tristan studied economics at uni and now works as an economist, project manager and management consultant. He spent many years building websites and software and founded a few websites of his own along the way.
Current fix: Ready to jump back in to the world of web startups
Coffee personality: ON THE GO AFFRAGATO

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