StartupCamp II Signup


The weekend of 17/18 Jan 2009

Friday - 6:00PM - Saturday 10:30PM (little sleep)
Sunday 10:00AM - Sunday 2:00PM


ATP Innovations
Suite 145, Level 1, National Innovation Centre
Australian Technology Park
Eveleigh NSW 1430


This is not just for coders, we're looking for a even distribution of Graphic Designers, Marketing/PR and Coders. Also people who have other skills like Journalists, Atmospheric Physicists, Video Producers, Writers or anyone who can help out in some way are welcome. You don't need to be a superstar to join, as long as you're excited, driven, put in 147% and have an open mind.


Name Providing
ATP Innovations Office Space + Wireless/Network
EvansCorp Dinner Sat night
Web based client relationship and task management for service businesses - Hiive Systems Dinner Fri night
CarbonFreeSolution Breakfast Sat morning Hosting and drinks
Nr Name Email Twitter Coder/Graphic/Marketing/PR/Other
1 Bart Jellema moc.soojt|amellej.trab#moc.soojt|amellej.trab @tjoosdude Coder, Organizer
2 Lee Goodman moc.liamtoh|namdoogkrameel#moc.liamtoh|namdoogkrameel Web Design / CSS / SQL - DB/Some dot net/ASP
3 Linda Gehard info [at] lindagehard [dot] com @pixel8ted Graphic, UX, Web Design, Photography, HTML, Basic CSS, Copywriting
4 Elias Bizannes moc.liamg|stsilsaile#moc.liamg|stsilsaile @liako Everything else
5 Brian Menzies moc.liamg|seiznemb#moc.liamg|seiznemb @BrianMenzies Business stuff
6 Robert Finkeldey ua.moc.odnacohw|yedleknifr#ua.moc.odnacohw|yedleknifr market & business strategy, commercialisation, etc
7 Andrew Gerrand ten.dr3hw|fn#ten.dr3hw|fn @enneff Coder (will actually be there the whole weekend this time)
8 David Vandenberg david [at] @DavidVandenberg Coder (ASP .NET C#/SQL), Ideas / Concept development / strategy
9 Geoff Evason @gevason rails, html, css
10 Kim Chen moc.soojt|nehc.mik#moc.soojt|nehc.mik @TjoosGirl Marketing/PR
11 Ben Grubb moc.liamg|bburgneb#moc.liamg|bburgneb @bengrubb Ideas/Concepts/Marketing/PR/Multimedia
12 Joseph Renzi moc.iznerhpesoj|gro.ailartsua-putrats#moc.iznerhpesoj|gro.ailartsua-putrats [Tentative] Other - happy to contribute in various ways
13 Ben Fornarino ben [at] gagglehouse dot com Product specification, UX architecture, Copywriting
14 Josh Anstey moc.liamg|yetsna.hsoj#moc.liamg|yetsna.hsoj @JoshAnstey Business Strategy & Development, Idea Generation, Concepts, Marketing & PR
15 Richard Hayes rgh (at) Finance and Marketing
16 Michael Erder ua.moc.gnisitrevdalautriv|leahcim#ua.moc.gnisitrevdalautriv|leahcim Advertising Strategy & Creative, Copywriter, (can also code ASP AND SOME php), Graphics
17 Nick Holmes a Court moc.liamg|cahkcin#moc.liamg|cahkcin @nickhac Strategy/CorpDev/.NET(Frontend&Backend)/SQL/SEO/PR
18 Stewart Barrett stewart at stewartbarrett .dot com @stewface Graphic / Web Design / Photography / SEO / Internet Marketing
19 Geoff McQueen moc.smetsyseviih|neeuqcm.ffoeg#moc.smetsyseviih|neeuqcm.ffoeg @geoffmcqueen Coder (Perl, some Javascript) / Database / Sysadmin / Biz Dev / Marketing & Pitching /
20 David Soul @davidsoul Strategy, Business Development, Marketing
21 Ian Naylor ua.moc.modkeeg|rolyan.nai#ua.moc.modkeeg|rolyan.nai @geeksville Strategy / PHP MySql stuff
22 Suhit Anantula moc.neergsidlrow|alutnana.tihus#moc.neergsidlrow|alutnana.tihus @worldisgreen Business strategy, marketing, commercialization, green business strategy
23 Michael Harries michaelharries gmail com strategy, design, product management
24 Graham Dawson gpdawson [at] gmail [dot] com @gpdawson Strategy / design / coding (eg.PHP,MySQL) / iPhone
26 Laurel Papworth lpapworth(at) @SilkCharm social network strategy and monetisation
27 Mick a la Pollenizer mliubinskas gmail @liubinskas Juggling, lenscraft
28 Dylan Jay dylan code entrepreneur
29 Paul Middleton paul.middleton @webequity Basic (not BASIC) coding / marketer / PR
30 Sven Peters sven.peters [at] @sopeters Unix, DB, Server, Coding
31 Matt Stone matthieu.stone [at] @matthieu_stone startup cto & entrepeneur - ruby on rails/php html/css project management
32 Ozan Onay moc.liamg|yano.nazo#moc.liamg|yano.nazo @ozanonay XHTML/CSS, some PHP/MySQL, some JavaScript, maths and law
33 Malcolm Lambert malberthobart yahoo com au Atmospheric physics (I could see that skill was missing) TM and patent IP, 3D animation
34 Michael Motherwell michael.motherwell [at] gmail @motherwell Coding, SEO and Buzzwords - real big on those
35 Alan Perkins alan.perkins [at] strategy, governance, coding
36 Sri Panyam sri.panyam at gmail dot com technology
37 Jeremy Crooks ua.moc.puorgerotslautriveht|skoorc.ymerej#ua.moc.puorgerotslautriveht|skoorc.ymerej @jeremycrooks Business Development, Comercialisation, Marketing, Strategy
38 James Hunter hunterjs [at] @jamesshunter interface design / build / repeat
39 Mike McGrath moc.maertsxlaer|ekim#moc.maertsxlaer|ekim Marketing/PR/ biz dev
41 Shaun Trennery shaun.trennery [at] @shauntrennery C# ASP.Net MVC JavaScript CSLA UIX
42 Hugo Sharp hugo [at] @hugosharp hmmmm
43 Alex Sharp alex [at] SEO/SEM
44 Russ Banks me [at] Search / SM / affiliate / Display Marketing
45 Mark Pesce mpesce [at] @mpesce Fairly fully featured
46 Chris Broadfoot cbroadfoot[a] @broady Web stuff.
47 Ryan Cross projects_at_ryancross[dot]com @ryancross jack of all trades
48 Marko Vasiljevic marmarko [at] mgmt/strategy
49 Kim Heras editor [at] technation dor com dot au @kimheras stuff
50 Ken Butti kbutti [at] Marketing/Photography/Strategy
51 Clinton Cunningham clinton.cunningham [at] Developer - Everything .NET, Architecture, Web in general (in Marketing Industry)
52 Anoop Lad anooplad [at] Publishing
53 Tim Longhurst tim [at] Futurist
54 Stephen McGillen moc.liamtoh|nelligcms#moc.liamtoh|nelligcms Business Interest
55 Marco de Bruin ua.moc.gpt|0rb01ram#ua.moc.gpt|0rb01ram Software Architect
56 Miranda Lin ua.moc.secivrestekramknil|nil.adnarim#ua.moc.secivrestekramknil|nil.adnarim Finance
57 Mandy Singh mandy [at] @thoughtjourney pm, strategy, coding (PHP)
58 Angus McDonald moc.liamg|nyaklaf#moc.liamg|nyaklaf @falkayn Developer (.NET), Business Owner, Web Design
59 Chuck K0lyvas chakko [@T] @chakko Graphic & Web Design, Photography, Copy, Lateral Humour
60 Mitch Denny moc.rentragton|ynned.hctim#moc.rentragton|ynned.hctim @MitchDenny Blogger, Developer, Armchair Philosopher, Bad Speller
61 Rai moc.relgnat|iar#moc.relgnat|iar @dekrazee1 Community/Product Manager
62 Uzzie moc.liamtoh|hcnamsu#moc.liamtoh|hcnamsu Coder,DW/BI, Data Mining
63 Adam Brimo ua.moc.bewa|mada#ua.moc.bewa|mada Developer, Marketing
64 Linda Kerz moc.liamg|zrekadnil#moc.liamg|zrekadnil Developer, GUI
65 Nick Beckenham moc.liamg|mahnekceb.kcin#moc.liamg|mahnekceb.kcin BA/Software Engineer
68 Kevin Foong moc.oohay|gnoof_nivek#moc.oohay|gnoof_nivek Coder,CSS,HTML
69 Benjamin Ranck benjaminranck AT gmail DOT com benjamin_09r Technologist, Strategy/Pitching, Architecture/Coding(Java,Python,Flex/Actionscript)
70 Marcus Schappi schappi AT gmail DOT com @schappim Online salesman ;-) Photoshop, CSS, JS, PHP, Perl, XHTML, basic ruby/rails
71 Todd Forest moc.liamg|tserofddot#moc.liamg|tserofddot angel, surfer, beer
72 Andrew Flick moc.liamg|kcilfa#moc.liamg|kcilfa creative, ideas & organisation
72 Jonathan Clarke moc.sbalieb|nahtanoj#moc.sbalieb|nahtanoj @beilabs Software engineer/Irish man
74 Amarsh Anand Programmer/Founder, Mobile
75 Simon Gillmore moc.simong|nomis#moc.simong|nomis Product Strategy/Business Development, Co-Founder Adgregate Markets, Inc
76 Ashley Angell moc.aidemyadaraf|yelhsa#moc.aidemyadaraf|yelhsa @AshleyAngell Software Architect, .NET
78 Shaon Diwakar shaon AT shaon DOT net @shaond cat /dev/random » /dev/null;
79 Nathan Dunn ua.moc.snoitavonni-pta|nahtan#ua.moc.snoitavonni-pta|nahtan facebook > twitter Web Developer / Biotechnologist / Entrepreneur
80 Herbert Yeung moc.liamg|gnicnuobed#moc.liamg|gnicnuobed @debounce Coder
81 Robert Dang robert dot dangers at gmail dot com technolgy
82 Sam Cavenagh moc.liamtoh|bewhganevac#moc.liamtoh|bewhganevac Java, Python, Javascript
83 Pamela Fox moc.elgoog|xofalemap#moc.elgoog|xofalemap @pamelafox Coder (JS/Flex/Google stuff)
84 Damian Damjanovski damiandamjanov at gmail @damjanov Marketing stuff, ideas
85 Brendan Cartledge moc.egdeltracnadnerb|cb#moc.egdeltracnadnerb|cb @brentoe Coder.. php, java, DBs, html, css, javascript
86 Roman » @romant developer, unix, UI
87 Ajay Ranipeta ajay.ranipeta on gmail @funkycoda Web guy, software architect
88 Jack P pedzel on gmail @pedzel developer/integrator
89 Tyrone C tyrone.castillo on gmail @tykal Business interests, nice guy
91 James Peter james at melon com au @zemaj Developer JS/PHP
92 Daniel Cooper daniel [a] Technical thinker
93 David Jones name on gmail @djinoz startup founder experience (all-rounder slips fieldsman), a bit rusty on code

Sign-up here is closed but there is still space. Please email or call me if you still want to join.


Bart Jellema
+61 2 9977 7478
+61 401 984 056

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