YouKonnect's tools are designed to help you find those conference attendees that are most relevant to you.

There could be hundreds, maybe even thousands of people attending the conference. Amongst this crowd, it can be a challenge to meet those few people that really have the ideas, experience, and skills that you are interested in.

These tools are provided to help you get the best value from these events, and help you meet the right networks. These tools allow you to 'attract' the right people, before you even arrive at the conference. By doing this, you can identify those people that match your needs, and if you want to, can organise to speak with them at the conference.

It's easy. The system does all the running around, so you just focus on the topics interesting to you. For more details on how it works, click here.

There are no fees. It's free.

The YouKonnect conference networking and business matching tools are powered by Magnetized Markets - specialists in the development and support of innovative marketplace and sourcing tools. To find out more about Magnetized Markets and their range of business tools and web based services, click here

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