Woveon - Intelligent Customer Service


These days, businesses are on social media, email, phone and webchat to make it more convenient for their customers to reach out to them. But what does that mean for the business? Extra hires, disjointed conversations, uncaptured customer insights, and worst of all, missed opportunities because you missed the conversation all together. Woveon fixes that.

Woveon is a conversation inbox for all online and offline communication channels. It uses AI and machine learning technology to:
1. Reply 24/7
2. Prioritise & identify your most valuable customers
2. Draw customer insights from warehoused conversations

Business no longer have to hop across different channels to reply to the same customer, or spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to find a past conversation to reference to. They can post, reply and draw analysis all on the one platform.

TLDR: Woveon is a SaaS platform that automates customer service with AI and Machine Learning technology.

Website: http://www.woveon.com/



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