Woveon - Enterprise Conversation Management Software


Woveon helps Enterprises take control of their conversations - to provide exceptional customer experience, audit for compliance and maximize revenue. By prioritizing customer inquiries with artificial intelligence and automating aspects such as complaint investigation and analysis, Woveon enables companies to strategically interact with customers and engage in effective courses of response.

The technology pulls in conversations from any number of customer touchpoints like social, sms and livechat, and integrates with existing customer data systems such as CRMs, sales, marketing and legacy systems. The combined conversational, transactional and behavioral data is used to produce suggested responses and workflows to help resolve customer issues in real time.

Through integrated channels and customer systems, businesses using Woveon are able to provide unique tailored experiences, allowing them to orchestrate seamless journeys through conversation.

Woveon is backed with funding and support from groups like Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator NYC, Wharton, Rough Draft Ventures, and Brown University. Our founding team is full of serial entrepreneurs with multiple exits, and we're ambitious to change the landscape of business conversation.

Website: https://www.woveon.com/



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