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WasabiTV: Just Download It!

Launched November 11, 2006 by two young Australian entrepreneurs, WasabiTV is quickly becoming the leading online portal for commercial, community and independent television media.

With a continuous array of new shows, features and marketing strategies planned throughout it's growth, WasabiTV aims to provide the best solution for individual film and TV producers, production companies and television stations to professionally step into the online market, without having to re-invent the wheel.

WasabiTV allows producers to directly connect with a core audience and to create a following of loyal supporters by offering a free, interactive, online TV experience. Producers can optionally offer episodes at a cost per download for premium video content. With this in mind, WasabiTV believes strongly in maintaining an accessible experience, aiming to ensure at least 90% of content on the website is available for viewers to watch and download at no charge.

Viewers can download episodes to mobile devices and desktops, as well as stream video directly into their web browser using leading internet video technology. WasabiTV has been developed to meet the needs of producers and viewers alike, while continous re-invention of the website allows room to expand and evolve with user feedback and fresh ideas.

Going forward, WasabiTV sees massive growth and potential in the online TV market and aims to globally provide quality online TV shows, organised with purpose, direction and meaning.

Visit: [http://www.wasabitv.com.au/]



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