Vencendo Lá Fora


Vencendo Lá Fora or Succeeding Overseas, for English speakers, is an online social media platform that connects people living abroad.

Vencendo Lá Fora was founded in Sydney, Australia by Carlos Garcia, a Brazilian-Australian IT Professional that realised there was a big gap in the online community to connect migrants as himself.

The community on Vencendo Lá Fora share their knowledge and experiences with other migrants and in doing so assist others when settling in a new country.

The portal contains articles and quality authored content with tips and useful advice related to immigration.

Vencendo Lá Fora is initially targeted to the Brazilian Market, however, we have plans to expand to all Latin America reaching millions of immigrants across the globe.

The portal has reached more than 11,000 Brazilians in 50+ countries in its first two months.



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