Stretchy - Scheduled Men's Essentials

The Original StretchyPack is designed for the forgotten man who needs his drawer restocked with undies and socks through out the year. The thing with undies is that you never notice how worn out they are, you just keep getting up and putting them on. Until they get that bad that that you realise the elastic is gone, the fabric is going translucent and you're in a vulnerable state.

Stretchy is here to help you avoid those sometimes awkward solo undie runs. We offer a scheduled underwear and sock service. You select your brand/style of choice, whether it be just undies/socks or a combo pack which contains a few of each and we'll replenish your stash every 3 months.

There are no contracts or fixed term sign up costs. We give full flexibility on your order to stop it when ever you like. Prior to each delivery you even have the option to change your order. So if your looking for a change of colour or style you can change your order upto a week before the delivery date. The scheduled delivery allows you to stay fresh and to forget about buying undies.

For more information check us out : Stretchy Underpants as a Service #UaaS

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