The Storyz Story

Show. Tell. Everywhere.

At our core, we love great stories. Whether it’s a yarn over a beer or a cup of coffee; whether it’s a tall tale or a shocker about a local politician or the latest gossip about Madonna or Brittany; a laugh-out-loud home film, a thought-jarring photo, a painting that brings wonder - or a comedic life moment, fun message, a news bite that you simply NEED to share NOW. That’s where great stories always begin. It is where Storyz, the company, starts…

Mix compelling story-telling with passionate people and extraordinary technology to bring it all alive and you have our new company: Storyz. We’re about communication. We’re about entertainment. We’re a game with reward points and creative challenges. We’re a leader in viral distribution to your friends, their friends and theirs…

Can Storyz be a simple utility to stay connected across mobile and the web? YES. Can you have private Storyz just for your soccer team? Your mommies club? Your wine group? YES. YES. YES. But whether you’re a goalie or a new mom or a oenophile; a local reggae band, the owner of the most talented pet in the world; an NBA Superstar wannabe; a fraternity making the community GREEN; whether you have an extraordinary product, an original band, an amazing film, a cool tattoo, a hot new love… you have Storyz worth sharing with ALL of us - and we with you.

And our technology platform is all about seamless, simple, cross-platform distribution of Storyz . Start or enter a story online or on mobile Use your camera phone or upload your film, photo, text post or art-work. Each new thread appears simultaneously across mobile and the web as your circle of friends grows worldwide. It’s not easy for us. It is for you! We’ve worked hard to make Storyz as simple as 1…2…3! Become a Storyz Teller and instantly enter group conversations that inform us, inspire us, delight us, brighten our dayz.

So…welcome to Storyz the company, the experience, THE GLOBAL CONVERSATION. Our investors and team are international: Our investors include Motorola Ventures USA and NGI Group in Japan. Our home base is Sydney, Australia . Wherever you are on the planet, Storyz invites you to show, tell, everywhere!

You can learn more on and you can also read about our Management Team.



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