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Speedcafe.com is your one stop resource for everything related to the exciting world of racing. It features comprehensive stories about current races, interviews with previous high profile drivers and several specialized news sections, including full coverage of V8 supercars.

The beautiful grid girls of racing are also lovingly captured and displayed within numerous online photo galleries, all hosted by Speedcafe.com. All racing events, such as Gold Coast Indy, are given detailed press to provide you with the in your face sensation of having been present at every race and several racing teams have their own page on the site to deliver exclusive content.

Speedcafe.com does not cater only to fans of full sized race cars; it also features coverage of kart races around the world. For all of the up to the minute news, including detailed race results and a wide selection of racing videos, be sure to add Speedcafe.com to your favorites.



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