SpaceOut ( is an Australian startup which allows ordinary Australians to either Make or Save Money.


If you Have Space

If you have spare or unused space in your home or business you can make money by renting it out for Storage, Parking or Office use. The space can be virtually anything - a spare bedroom, an empty garage or shed, an unused driveway, backyard, or even paddock. You can use SpaceOut to advertise your space online, and start to generate a regular extra income (typically between $100 and $400 a month) - literally making money out of thin air. Find out more about listing your space for rent.

If you Need Space

If you are looking for some space - for Storage, Parking, Office or even Rural use, SpaceOut can help you to find a cheaper and more convenient option. You can search for space in your local area, and if there is not currently anything suitable - can create you own Space Wanted listing.



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