A little about Radelaide and Radelaide.net taken from our information kit:

Dispelling the nasty myth that “there’s nothing to do in Adelaide” is our mission! Radelaide.net is your one-stop shop for getting the most out of Adelaide and its rich cultural life: hot nightspots, fantastic dining from the finest gourmet fare to the cheapest hidden gems, and weekend fun to please singles and families alike. We’re grabbing hold of everything Adelaide has to offer, and cramming it all into one vibrant, fun and convenient online location.

Radelaide is the brainchild of a pair of dedicated young entrepreneurs, Devin Mancuso and Lachlan McDonald. Their efforts are supported by an enthusiastic team of volunteers who help keep the site dynamic and up-to-date with the freshest & latest local information.

Despite the seriousness with which we run our business, our cheerfulness and good humour comes through everywhere, from our articles, to our advertising, to our Facebook updates, to our cheeky merchandise. We feel that a fun and youthful approach to business management is nothing to shy away from! In fact, we believe that the culture we’ve developed at Radelaide is what keeps our website relevant, our volunteers motivated, and our site users returning.

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