"Daily deals and advertising bring new customers. Popcatch helps entice them to come back often." Or so the tagline goes for this Australian technology company looking to enhance the marketing that local businesses already do.

What is it?
Popcatch seems to be selectively working with specific local businesses in helping them promote their promotional content such as events, new products and sales over mobile web and their own website.

There is a fair market need for this kind of service. After all, people are starting to strongly say no to the plethora of emails that they get (and then have to delete), spam text messages at random times, bundles of junk catalogues at their doorstep. Local businesses would struggle with digital marketing without a knowledgeable partner.

Worth a look?

  • Founders actually own local businesses themselves - retail pharmacies
  • Co-owned and backed by a technology lab based in Brisbane, Australia
  • Focus on marketing hotpoints in consumer so there is science behind the product

Where to now?
Popcatch looks like it's ready to go, but they've said they are only working with businesses in Brisbane at this stage, and only a few selected ones to boot. They seem to be mainly focusing on restaurants, cafes, nightlife venues and entertainment businesses.



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