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Personal Loan Finder is Australia’s personal loan comparison website. Our no-fuss free advice helps consumers make informed choices while allowing them to save money and hassles. To learn more about us please read on…

If you have come to use looking for no-fuss advice about Australian loans then you have come to the right place. We pride ourselves on always providing honest and updated information about the various loan types available in Australia. We want to help you help yourself by educating you on loans, lenders and how everything works together.

What is

Personal Loan Finder is Australia’s leading loan comparison website. We feature a wide range of Australian loans. All of our information is up-to-date, helping you pick the right type of loan for your needs. Our website is 100% free.

Personal Loan Finder staff are working hard to give you accurate information about loans. You’ll find comparisons for debt consolidation loans, car loans, payday loans, caravan loans, boat loans, and other personal loans. All loans featured are issued from respected Australian banks and lenders. To help you pick the right loan we also offer loan management tips on the site.

How Can You Use

The easiest way to use Personal Loan Finder is by doing a particular loan search for the type of loan you’re looking to apply. This should be your starting point. Alternatively you can also navigate the various loan types in the left hand side column for faster access.

Under each category you will find a comprehensive selection of loans and lenders. Included in each is a comparison table and helpful tips and recommendations to help you understand how the loan works.

The best way to compare loans against one another is by doing a like for like comparison. You can’t compare apples with oranges and the same applies for loans of all types. If you’re shopping for a personal loan for example, then compare loans from within that section only to get a feel for the market.

What to Do Once You’ve Picked a Loan?

In order to save time, and hassles you can apply for most loans directly from within the Personal Loan Finder website. We use a secure server that connects you directly with the lender. This allows you to conveniently apply for a loan from the comfort of your home.

After submitting your application your lender of choice will contact you in the stipulated timeframe.
Who Should Use the Website?

Personal Loan Finder is ideal for Australian consumers looking to shop around before they make a decision on a particular loan. These consumers are savvy. They know that by comparing a range of loans they will be able to pick the best deal - saving them money in the short- and long term. You will have to be a minimum of 18-years of age before you can legally use our site to make a loan application.

Is the Website Free to Use?

Yes. Our website is 100% free for you. You never have to pay us anything, even if you use our site for a convenient loan application. We will earn a small commission paid to us by the lender (not you) for having done a referral. The great part about PLF is that we will never pressure you to make any decision. We simply give you the information, based on facts and thorough research, you decide whether you want to apply for a loan or not.



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