Meeeup - The better way to meet
Ever asked your friends to introduce you to their mates on a night out? Or perhaps it was to introduce you to someone they know so that you can expand your network?

On countless occasions we have asked our friends to introduce us to a certain friend and vice versa. Why - because your friends are the best way to meet new people.

What are we about?
Meeeup aims to be the ultimate experience for people looking to find new friends, expand their networks or simply form meaningful relationships with their friends of friends. We provide our users with the complete experience from introduction to the actual meet up.

Why? Because we believe that great friendships, networks and relationships are formed through people you already know.

We also allow our members to M-Tro, which is the ability to introduce friends to each other. If an introduction is successful, the facilitator of the connection is rewarded for their efforts by accumulating points which can then be redeemed online.

Meeeup is a great way for people to connect to their friends of friends. Don’t rely on your current friends to make that introduction "someday", meet your friends of friends today!



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