** Australia's leading store for Adjustable Stands & Tables for Laptops & Notebooks** - has been in operation for over 5 years now. Self Funded by first generation Aussie entrepreneur couple, the site has gone from a simple hobby experiment, into a successful commercial venture over the last 5 years.

Initially starting with just 3 simple products, the site has now matured into selling ergonomic Laptop Tables, Stands, Mounts & Desks from industry leading brands such as Ergotron, Defianz, Logitech etc.

Some of the feature products sold at the site have been featured in various online and offline reviews. The Defianz Adjustable Stand and the Defianz Adjustable Table - has also been featured in the Independent Living Center catalog across various states.

Products listed on the site are personally tested, and professionally recommended. As of June 2012, the site had served over 500 small, medium and large business and countless many more direct consumers.

Customer Service Number: 1800 451 191

Office Hours : 9Am - 5 PM (Monday to Friday)

Office Address:
Innovative Ventures
79 Tamarind Drive, Acacia Gardens, NSW 2763



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