Description is an information center and social network for Australians who play indoor sports. Players, Team Captains and Venue Owners can use to organize games, find replacement players, meet players from their upcoming game and post videos and comments for past games. prides itself in delivering an easy-to-use, friendly and interactive site that connects the Australian indoor sports community. Offices for are in Melbourne, Australia.



Amir Nissen is iSportster’s resident indoor sport expert. He has several years of experience playing amateur futsal. On the team, Amir keeps the team together and on schedule and tries to add his 2 cents whenever possible. Previous to, Amir started the Entrepreneurs Club at the University of Melbourne, and has been heavily involved in the Melbourne Business School Business Plan Competition.

Kim Chen, along with Amir, manages iSportster’s marketing, business development and product strategy. Kim comes to iSportster with experience in Internet Marketing and Business Strategy as the head of Business Development at She has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship. Kim doesn’t play indoor sports and is in fact, a big klutz.

Ricardo Escalon's last experience with indoor sports, took a fully paid season full of work colleagues and a losing team to a free winning (2nd in the ladder) experience for his mates. Ricardo is iSportster’s inhouse design and usability expert. Before Ricardo worked at Stamford's Interactive, Australia's premier usability consulting firm. As a user experience specialist Ricardo does NOT hang on every word that Jakob Nielsen has to say. He agrees mostly with what he says, but he is bitterly disappointed with the look of his website. Ricardo started life as a frustrated Materials and Manufacturing engineer cutting fridges for Fisher and Paykel, but after a working holiday in Canada he turned away from his sins and entered the world of IT by completing a Masters of IT and focusing on usability and requirements.

David Monagle, along with Cam and Scott, make up iSportster’s engineering team. As an avid indoor cricket player and Linux expert, he brings in-depth sports as well as technical expertise to the team. When he’s not busy working on iSportster or another of his many innovative projects, David works at Digital Pictures as a Linux Specialist.

Cam MacRae is an integral part of iSportster’s technical team. During the week, he works as a coder at Cam has a dual degree in Computer Science and Philosophy from Monash University. Cam in interested in Python, Javascript, Scrum and Scale. His experience in sporting endeavors is limited to spectating.

Scott Goldie brings considerable technical expertise and vision to He has almost 20 years IT Industry experience and has worked on numerous cutting edge development projects with some highly innovative companies across the UK, US and Asia Pacific. Throughout his IT career Scott has always had an insight into technology trends and is driven by innovation and progress.

Amir Nissen ua.moc.egnahcfostnega|rima#ua.moc.egnahcfostnega|rima Marketing, Business Strategy
Kim Chen moc.soojt|nehc.mik#moc.soojt|nehc.mik Marketing/PR
Ricardo Escalon moc.liamtoh|reyortsedle#moc.liamtoh|reyortsedle User Experience Specialist
David Monagle david.monagle a-t Developer
Cam MacRae moc.liamg|earcam.mac#moc.liamg|earcam.mac Engineering/Sys Admin
Scott Goldie sgoldie at Solution Design, Dev, and Management



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