The idea of imeepo was originated from a group discussion where the members were concerned about how to backfill a spot on a ski trip.

The event organisor is in the process of organising a ski trip, departing on the 10th of June from Sydney to Perisher blue, the duration of the trip will be 4 nights and 5 days, return on the 15th June.
The group size: 10.
Cost: $500 per a person.
Level: Advanced

On 8th of June one person pulls out of the trip. Therefore 1 spot remains with less than 2 days to the departure date.

The organisor is asking all the trip members to help him to back fill that spot. After whole day of calling and messaging around, they still not able to fill that spot.

1. Who else that we know also like to ski?
2. Would that person join the group on such a short notice?
3. Are we willing to open up the spot for an acquaintance?
4. Does the remaining members willing to pay extra to cover the trip expense if we can not backfill the spot by the departure date?
5. If a couple willing to join, can we accommodate 11 people?

Situation changes, uncertainty is part of life, but this should not prevent us to get together and enjoy life. Acticities of all size requires organising, even a weekly squash game. Innovation comes from real needs to solve real life problem/concerns. The founders of imeepo have found the needs to streamline the interest, hobby gathering and activity organisation process.


Imeepo is a platform dedicated to provide free services for:

* Discover people whom shares the same interest/hobby
* Join and share your social calendar with your group members
* Discover activities that are worth going and participate
* Tools for organise, plan, and manage activities
* Public rating/credibility mechanism for user to provide feedback on their participated activities, or to gain confidence in the activities they're planning/going to
* Tools for varieties of media content management

At imeepo it is easy to grow your interest, start a group, organise an activity. Or simply join one that is already active, participate to revive the local communities.

* Tell imeepo your interests
* Join or Create a group
* Organise or participate an activity
* Share your experience
* Invite your friends



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