iFindSuppliers the leading business-to-business marketplace for industrial products.

These tools help organisations find the best industrial products and suppliers in the market. In the process, they simplify the '3 quotes process' when a tender is not required, they save you time and effort, and make it easier to demonstrate alignment to your organisations probity and procurement processes. This tool can be used to manage preferred suppliers, share provider panels, simplify access to existing supplier networks, or to find suppliers and products from across the market. As a user, you maintain total visibility and control over all requests and sourcing decisions. You can register online and setup your own account here, free of charge.


By registering here you get access to an independent marketplace and a suite of powerful tools that make it easier to choose the right Suppliers for your Industrial Product needs.

It means no more calling or emailing every supplier you know, just to find out which one has the product range, at the price and delivery schedule you require. From one simple place you can get access to thousands of product suppliers, and quickly and easily get the quotes you need.

You can:

* Get targeted proposals and quotes from suppliers
* Create your own preferred supplier panels, and limit requests so only they can respond
* Centralise your management of EOI’s, RFP’s and RFQ’s and keep a record of all quotes, your ratings and evaluation notes, and your short listing decision


By registering here you will be automatically notified when requests are posted that align to your product range and services.

It means no more wasted meetings and sales calls just to find out which buyers are looking for the products you offer. Not only does this reduce your cost of sale, it also helps you get the sorts of customers you want.

You can:

* Receive notifications when relevant requests are posted
* Review the buyers requirements in detail, without any obligation
* Create and submit a targeted quote or proposal outlining your relevant product range, experience and capability
* Get shortlisted, and continue your sales and negotiation process offline


The iFindSuppliers marketplace and tools are powered by Magnetized Markets. To find out more about this and other marketplace solutions click here http://www.magnetizedmarkets.com/.



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