Hiive Systems



Hiive Systems provides web-based client & task management software for service based companies that helps them to deliver faster, better and more coordinated service, easily.

We're a startup, but with an established track record, which we've been building long before we were spun out from the award winning Internetrix in late 2008. Hiive's applications have been in development since 2004, initially as an internal management suite for Internetrix. Following a strategic review in early 2008, the decision was made to spin the applications division out from Internetrix, as the suite had become a mature, stable and fast growing business in its own right: Hiive Systems was born.


Our existing clients include universities, government departments and businesses, all the way from listed corporations with billions in revenue down to small businesses across a wide range of industries.

While our clients represent a wide cross-section of industries, the common thread that unites all of them is that their work is very service oriented.

We work with universities, whose clients are both students and research/community stakeholders, helping to manage often complex and overlapping relationships, as well as the demanding student application processes.

We work with government, with its diverse stakeholder groups including companies, various community stakeholders and other tiers of government.

We of course work with many industries in the private sector, with clients in areas like Consulting, Software Development, Finance, Real Estate, Membership Based Organisations and more. With their various client, stakeholder, partner and other relationships, having a strong platform for managing, coordinating and tracking service excellence is critical to our client's competitiveness.


At Hiive, we believe in creating tools that make it easier for people to work together and deliver better service: for their own clients, for their stakeholders and for their own colleagues.

Unlike many enterprise software vendors, we believe in giving our clients control and power. This is achieved by making the tools as easy to use as possible, so users can confidently use the tools to make their work easier. We also endeavour to make our tools flexible, adaptable and configurable without the need for technical skills or paying fees to someone who does.

Finally, we believe in practicing what we preach, and delivering outstanding service to our clients, using our own applications as a core part of our daily operations. This means we're constantly using, tweaking and improving our applications with the perspective of our users in mind - because we're users too.



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