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Guys hopeless at buying gifts for their girlfriends may find relief with a new offering from The website recently launched their 'G wish' engine - which matches the personalities of user's girlfriends with gifts sourced from online retailers. The platform promises to allow users to find unique gifts and learn more about what their partner might enjoy.

Melbourne, Australia April 10, 2010. With most e-tailers offering a huge array of possible gift items and categories, the platform takes the guesswork out of purchasing by drawing from its database of products which have already been popular with female consumers.

"We are excited to provide visitors with unique gift ideas they would have never considered," said Richard Laws, co-founder of "Combined with our upcoming partnerships with some of the biggest stores in the online space, we are sure the uniqueness of our range and the quality of our recommendations will only increase."

Laws made reference to the number of gifts which are resold on auction site each year - a number which recently topped $1 billion. Gwisher promises to cut this number by generating its results partially based on items which have already been received well by female partners.

For online merchants, this is a great way to increase simplicity for users overwhelmed by shopping through thousands of products. The site provides six top recommendations - allowing users to see gifts in various categories and click through to retailers which sell them.

About is a free gift recommendation engine, strongly focused on the buying experience of young men purchasing for their partners. Gwisher aims to take the guesswork out of purchasing by drawing from its database of already well received gifts. Gwisher is a privately funded company based in Melbourne, Australia with 5 employees and caters primarily to the United States, UK and Australia.

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