Foolkit Legal


FOOLKIT - LEGAL began as an expansive legal web tool designed in 2006 by Andrew Rogers of Andrew Rogers Lawyers in Morphett Vale, South Australia. Andrew's legal firm - ARL - is a firm that strongly embraces online technology to assist day to day practise within the SA legal profession and Foolkit was designed to develop better outcomes for his legal practice operations, ARL legal clients, and the South Australian public.

Thus Foolkit was developed to fill the need for a comprehensive legal resource that was particular just to SA; was available 24/7; was easy to use and interact with - and was technically advanced so it was able to update itself across the state and nationally.

From there over the past years it has morphed into a much larger legal portal with a broad but encompassing diversity of everything legal in free-to-use for the general public - as well as legal SA tools and links that South Australian legal professionals need to use on a daily basis. The other aspect of the site that has a wide variety of links, tools and resources is the public Foolkit section.

This community section was also carefully developed and designed to provide the maximum resources and information on the many sections of the legal process that the public may be initially unfamilar with when they first present to a solicitor or legal firm on a particular matter.

The development process began in 2006 with a significant beta site with a variety of data-bases and content management systems embedded and tested before the current system was locked together and launched in April 2008.

ARL has self-funded this project to this point - but Foolkit has rapidly gathered more and more momentum to the point where external funding will now be sought to assist in growing the site - and additional user features such as embedded intranets, widgets, blog tools and editorial. So - plans are indeed afoot.




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