Dream, Share, Discover- Dream it, Live it.


Dreamsharediscover is a community networking site which encourages users to share their dreams and live out their aspirations. Its user-friendly interface offers great accessibility, and most importantly space for the expression of all manner of imaginings.

Conceived primarily as a collaborative space for idea sharing, it is an interactive platform whereby users post dream-texts onto the website and share their experiences. Just as your dreams are too large to be held in the small jar of the mind, Dreamsharediscover recognizes this expansive and boundless nature of individual personal aspirations, and you can be sure that it has the space for all manner of castles that you choose to build.

Dreamsharediscover is founded by 5 dreamers trying to live our little dream: Rohan who dreams the dream, Kyal who visualizes the dream, Sam and Alex who constructs the dream, and Grace who spreads the dream.



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