DoseMeRx is a unique software platform that enables you to accurately individualize a dose at any bedside.

DoseMeRx is the world’s first easy-to-use, real-time precision dosing software designed for clinicians to predict the optimal dose of medications that require therapeutic drug monitoring.

DoseMeRx is unique decision support software that leverages clinically validated pharmacokinetic drug models, patient characteristics, drug concentrations and genotype to guide dose optimization. It’s the world’s first precision dosing tool designed for clinical practice that uses Bayesian dosing methods. Its simplicity and portability means Bayesian dosing benefits can be brought to every bedside.
DoseMeRx works by digitally constructing a virtual model of your patient’s individual pharmacokinetics. From as little as one laboratory result, DoseMeRx analyses and compares thousands of data points from clinically validated pharmacokinetic drug models.

The virtual patient model is built within seconds and then DoseMeRx calculates an accurate individualized dose to reach your therapeutic target. Using this model, you can also simulate potential outcomes of different dosing regimens to ensure you provide the best possible advice for every patient.

DoseMeRx, precision dosing made easy



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