clickfind™ is a recently established Internet business that is looking to grow and build a strong presence in the Australian online marketplace. Self-funded so far, clickfind™ has a fully functional website service that has been up and running for over six months. The management team is committed to making the business a success and have built clickfind™ with a long term view in mind.

Essentially, clickfind™ is an online marketing platform that represents a new sort of technology: a hybrid between a search engine, a business directory, and a search engine optimisation (SEO) system.


Businesses pay a monthly fee to list their products and services. There is also the potential for other revenue streams, such as premium listings, permission marketing, affiliate schemes and franchised sub-brands.

Established for the Australian marketplace, clickfind’s intellectual property is owned by clickfind Pty Ltd, which means the clickfind™ technology and brand can also be licensed to international markets.
This is a business that has a constantly growing market. There are over 2 million businesses registered in Australia and that number increases each year. These businesses are becoming more and more internet-aware and their online marketing spend is increasing annually.

clickfind’s initial marketing and PR is starting to pay off, with interest and awareness growing day by day. This is reflected in increased website traffic and business listings.


clickfind is all about quality, unlike most Australian directories, clickfind did not start with 1.2 million listings that are outdated.



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