The brand new BeamMe.Info - Add a mobile sharing button to your website!

Sending information from the web to mobile phones took a step forward today with the release of the latest version of The new system has been completely redeveloped for maximum speed, reliability and ease of use along with some key new features including:

New features include:

* Simplified installation and on-site JavaScript hosting for complete control and speed

* An option to allow users to opt-in to a marketing list

* More options to customise the look of your Beams without developer assistance

* Global delivery in multiple currencies including the USA and Canada

* Pre-paid plans from AUD$15.00 with include SMS to easily control budgets

* Simplified and enhanced advertising system to allow sponsored messages

What is a BeamMe.Info?

BeamMe.Info is a Javascript snippet that creates a button on a website that allows users to send themselves an SMS text message for free with content from the website. This message can contain all sorts of useful information including:

* Contact / address details

* Mobile URL’s to web content

* Event details

* Mobile coupons

* Confirmations

* Promotions

* Directory listings

Beams can be installed with static information or with database variables that can create Beams on the fly. See Beams in action on our home page

The BeamMe.Info story

BeamMe.Info was created by three Australian entrepreneurs. Brad Down, Alex Macpherson and Tim Murray. BeamMe.Info was there first start-up and they have proven that you don’t need masses of start-up capital to bring a successful revenue generating digital product to market. They have made a lot of mistakes and learnt plenty along the way but overall they epitomise the talent that is abounding in the Australian digital start-up industry. With more commitment of cash and resources there are plenty of other ideas under the hood of this energetic and driven bunch.

“BeamMe is our love child. Its been such a labour of love but it has provided us with the education we needed to apply to our other start-up ideas” said Down.

Who is using Beams?

BeamMe has many clients including:

* CBS Interactive

* Digital Ministry

* Honda Australia

* Bunnings Warehouse

* Darling Harbour

* Blackmores

* Nicolangela

What are the benefits?

BeamMe.Info aims to remove the need to write down notes on paper. The biggest benefit to the user is to be able to instantly send themselves details they would otherwise have to write down. There are also numerous benefits to websites:

* Adds value and usability to the site

* Potential new revenue source through advertising

* Drive traffic to mobile assets through URL’s in SMS

* Collect mobile numbers for SMS marketing

For interviews with Brad Down, please contact BeamMe.Info, ph: +612 6100 4453; email: ofni.emmaeb|darb#ofni.emmaeb|darb;


About BeamMe.Info

BeamMe.Info is an Australian-based technology innovation company delivering market-leading products to allow content sharing between the internet and mobile phones. Started by three experienced Australian entrepreneurs. Developed in Australia for the global web to mobile market, BeamMe.Info was set up to change the way we use and receive website information.



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