Australia Mystiq Eshisha


Mystiq offers a new way to experience a shisha / hookah by creating an electronic device that generates flavoured smoke like vapours from a stick. This revolutionary new way of smoking is typically called “vaping” and contains absolutely no tar, no tobacco, no nicotine and none of the 4000 odd harmful toxins that come with your traditional cigarette and shisha / hookah.

Instead, what you get is a clean pure hit of awesome flavours as well as massive clouds of vapour with each puff. This vapour, though it looks like smoke, is actually like a cool steam which smells like the fruity flavour of your choice.

Mystiq eShisha pens can legally be used indoors since it’s technically not smoking giving you more freedom to enjoy your shisha on the go. You can ‘vape’ anywhere you want which means you won’t need to constantly step outside when you’re at a local bar, club or restaurant allowing you to enjoy your eShisha with your friends instead of in the cold.

If you are a clubs/restaurants/retail stores owner looking to stock Mystiq eShishas, feel free to contact us as we are happy to provide wholesale prices to interested patrons. We also guarantee the quality of all our products and will work with you to ensure the best experience for your customers.



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