An innovative server side solution for securing user network login credentials using a proprietary coding system with unique numbering and character sets that protects users falling victim to attempts steal their user codes e.g. phishing, smishing, vishing, & spearphishing attacks. The system also protects networks against more traditional forms of attack such as keyboard logging and all known forms of password cracking and guessing. The system incorporates measures to assist in protecting users from being inconvenienced by DoS attacks and will render malware & traitorware attacks on client side devices ineffective. If implemented correctly the system can also be used to deter sharing of logon credentials.

Our business is providing a cost effective method to protect users account details on information technology networks to enhance their privacy and security. We also provide a website verification service to protect both users and merchants from fraud. The benefits include increased certainty as to the identity of users and assistance to merchants & service providers who operate without the benefit of strong brand recognition.

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