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1virus2many.com - is a web site that responds to the ongoing virus contamination to businesses and families.

Parent company Setup Complete Computers founded this web site as a means of helping Users solve their own virus problems and to offer the first known “Virus Free” computer.

The Virus Free computer guarantees Users no viruses or spyware. Both the Internet surfing area as well as the clients email accounts are totally protected. An additional benefit to the revolutionary computer is that the computer delivers the same speed day one of ownership as twelve months later.

Speed degeneration is one of the most common complaints from computer Users.

Owners can surf any web site they choose without fear of viruses or spyware. This means consenting adults can finally visit Adult Only web sites without catching a virus.

The web site is currently under construction and prior to completion we encourage interested parties to view the current live web site www.SetupComplete.com.

All software available on 1virus2many.com is totally free and can be downloaded without the fear of attracting spyware from the site.



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