Sara Goldstein

Hi there!

My name is Sara and I'm a tech entrepreneur. I'm Australian born and raised, but now live in New York because it's about the best place to start an online fashion media company.

My startups

My company is called The Wardrobe Channel and our BHAG is to become "where everyone goes for style advice". At the time of writing, we've just launched our prototype (you can see it at and are now looking for seed funding.

Prior to co-founding The Wardrobe Channel, I founded The Bargain Queen, a site where women can find great deals on clothing, accessories, beauty items etc. It was #1 fashion/shopping blog in Australia for a while, before we shifted our focus to the U.S. market.

My publications

I recently co-wrote a chapter of an upcoming user interface design book called "Digital Experience Design: Ideas, Industries, Interactions". My chapter shows designers how they can support their users’ ideal identity as well as their real self, using fashion blogging as a case study.

My first (and so far only) published academic paper was entitled “Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Television or Transmedia”.

Qualifications and stuff

I hold a Masters in Interactive Multimedia from University of Technology, Sydney; I worked in the IT industry for around 10 years and I'm a specialist in usability and user interface design.

I also used to run the Sydney Webloggers Meetup Group, before I moved to NYC.

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