Richard Giles

Richard Giles is the CEO of Recommendation Ventures, a recommendation engine service provider, one of Australia’s top ten web 2.0 applications, and winner of the Australian Startup Carnival 2008, and in the Top 10 BRW Web Applications 2008.

Richard has been in the technology industry for almost 18 years, starting his career with a mobile phone company in 1990 when mobile phones weren’t as mobile.

Richard was an Australian web pioneer in the early-nineties, designing corporate websites, selling Internet connections to corporations, and was one of Curtin Universities first lecturers on the topic of the World Wide Web in 1995. He later worked for Sun Microsystems for nine years.

Richard’s achievements include winning the Best Australian Podcast of the Year 2006, authoring Podcasting Pocket Guide, and How To Use Flickr: The Digital Photography Revolution, and launching Scouta and managing Recommendation Ventures.

Richard is currently on the committee of Australian Web Industry Association.

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