Noric Dilanchian

I've been a business lawyer + IP, IT, digital media & commercialisation specialist for 30 years.

For client intellectual property at my firm we love to perform these value-adding processes - audit, identify, develop, register, manage, protect, evaluate, strategise, license, assign, commercialise and resolve disputes. We can be helpful too in dialogue or referrals for business or specific business, intellectual property or information technology projects.

The great majority of our clients benefit because we find and fix business needs BEFORE legal needs. Don't be misled, when a business management issue lands on a lawyer's desk it should not be automatically renamed "legal problem".

Client testimonials speak of the passion with which we do this. My take is that our focus is on a combination of wealth generation, business management, legal compliance and effective use of digital media. We have a voracious appetite for all things digital.

My usual assignments involve advice and supply of agreements and related documents. Together they become a client's standardised deal making and business growth process.

I welcome conversation:
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Mobile - 0414 822 569
Email - ua.moc.naihcnalid|dciron#ua.moc.naihcnalid|dciron
Skype - noricd
Facetime - (+61 2) 414 822 569

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