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Jobs Done Network is a social network that connects volunteers with people who need jobs done. It is a site for individuals who are willing to offer their time and services to those in need.

Jobs Done Network was born over a weekend at the Innovation Centre, University of Canberra. The Jobs Done Network team is made up of individuals from various backgrounds and experience, ranging from marketing and finance to technology and legal.


Current online search results for volunteering are populated by organizations coordinating volunteer positions. These organizations address a specific need to find volunteers for specific jobs. However, there is a vast amount of untapped volunteer resources that are not utilized due to a mis-match of volunteers’ availability with the job at hand. This means that if a volunteer is not available during a certain time, their willingness and resources go to waste.

Jobs Done Network offers a space where volunteers can post their availability, skills and services to be utilized at a time that suits them. It also is a space where those in need can post a job that they wish to be completed, but do not have the time, skills or resources to get it done.

Jobs Done Network cuts out the middleman in micro volunteering and matches up individuals on a personal level. It is a consumer generated content-based site where individuals can source help or offer it.


The volunteering space is currently dominated by organizations coordinating volunteers. For those looking to give back to the community on a personal level, there is a void in the online search market to offer skills and services on an individual level. For those looking to solve a problem or require the skills of someone more qualified, the Jobs Done Network provides a forum where those people can list their job, to find a volunteer that matches them. This type of service is not currently available in Australia.


The Jobs Done Network is a space where advertisers can provide solutions to consumers with specific needs through targeted advertising. Not only does this space provide profiled consumer content, it also is a space where recruiters can find candidates that match their skill requirements. This means that a broad yet profiled target market will encourage a variety of advertisers to utilise the site.
The JobsDone Network connects willing and able local volunteers with people who need jobs done.

Our People


The JobsDone Network team was born over a weekend at the Innovation Centre, University of Canberra.

Brought together by the Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre, the team is made up of individuals from various backgrounds and experience, ranging from marketing and finance to technology and legal.

Adam Barnett
Adam lives in Canberra.

Chor Cheah
Chor has a background in accounting and finance and he has over 20 years experience in commerce and industry. He has worked with startups and multinationals and has a keen interest in using technology to bring efficiency to businesses and the community.

Kishen Cheah
A high school student who is a keen and eager learner and user of technology. He aspires to excel in the industry.

Ronald Evans
Ronald Evans BSc is a writer, inventor, domainer and web developer. Since the mid 1980s he has been a technical writer, freelance science journalist and presenter in Canberra. He has researched, written, edited and published influential documents for Federal and ACT Government departments and corporations such as science reports, defence and IT tenders. The Research Manager of the Canberra Research Service he has special interests in the future role of shared dot com domains in enhancing Canberra's main professions and services, and in spreading innovation in the world's construction industry

Nalini Nair
Nalini has over 15 years experience in banking and business re-engineering. Trained as an accountant, she evolved into a keen enthusiast user of technology and her passion has led to improved productivity in the industry. She is currently a Senior Business Analyst in education.

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