Want to find out what happened where you are right now?

Then you need to go to hereNthen.com ….


hereNthen.com website enables its users to search tweets made in and about their current surroundings on their mobile phone, or on their computer. It also sorts these messages into a timeline to help present up to date and interesting information.

Users can also leave messages about their current location for later users to read. Users will use the site because they can read tweets that will enliven their current surroundings. A user may be bored: be waiting for a bus or sitting in a conference, for example. A user may simply want word of mouth recommendations and ideas from tweeters about their current surroundings. Either way, since Tweets have unlimited subject matter they might discuss a celebrity citing, review a restaurant in the area, or point out anything of interest to the user it will alleviate boredom or provide useful information the user seeks about their current surroundings.

To monetise the site we will display ads on the website that are relevant to the specific location displayed. The ads will appear next to the search results, similar to Google ads. The ads will advertise businesses in the location searched. Another option to increase advertising is to encourage businesses to offer specific discounts or coupons for users of the hereNthen site which they can redeem when they use the service or product advertised.

hereNthen team


Team Bios

Iain's a lawyer with experience working on a range of innovative technology projects. His work as a lawyer for a government IT project sparked his interest in IT. Iain’s legal skills and experience ensures intellectual property protection and internet law compliance for the business. In addition, his writing and communication skills contributes to communicating the business to stakeholders and customers.

Dilla brings proven and varied IT skills and experience to the business. An IT designer, Dilla’s passion is photoshop, web design and C# programming. His skills extend to 3D animation for computer games, applications and websites. Dilla makes key contributions to the design of our web page where he has focussed his web design talents for adding structure, content, pictures and colours to the page.

Mark’s broad background and experience includes life sciences and sales and marketing. He enjoys working with people, social networking, together with startup companies, business ventures and innovation. Mark’s skills, interests and experience combine to offer original and creative perspectives on our work, together with a practical end-user focus. His creative spark contributes to website design and our logo. His business acumen and PR skills allow him to communicate our business to potential customers.

Suzette Bailey is a Director of information management consultancy Sensory7, bringing to our team 10 years experience in information management, business process mapping and classification of information. Her wealth of experience translating business and user requirements into functional definitions and designs for interactive and content-rich products across numerous platforms means she delivers ideas and solutions that benefit both users and the business. In addition, her experience and skillset deliver an invaluable contribution to the commercialisation and business modelling of the project.

Final year student at the Australian National University’s school of computer science, Chris’ passion is computer programming. No matter the program, no matter the problem – Chris can find the programming solution. He has particular enthusiasm for programming computer games and artificial intelligence. His passion and technical talents provide the bedrock of our website design and coding.

Dr. Haibin brings more than twenty years experience in computer programming to our team. He owns and operates local business Haibin CanFixIt – and like the name suggests, Haibin identifies, analyses and solves PC and web design problems. His extensive experience running an IT small business means he offers real life knowledge to contribute to our team’s success, along with providing the programming and design for our web site.

Member of Australian Computer Society, Lei has worked as a system administrator for over ten years. As a co-owner and operator of CanFixIt, she also brings practical experience and insight to starting up and running successful small IT businesses. Her many skills include web site design and development, tailored to end user requirements. She is a valuable member of our website design team.

Buisiness Overview

Business Problem
The business problem is that when a person is at a particular location it can be difficult to find out what other people have said about the location. The hereNthen.com website will give people user generated content about the location they are interested in from either their internet capable device e.g. mobile phone or PC.

Target Audience
The target audience are individuals that are time poor that want information generated by other people about a specific location quickly and easily.

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