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At Habitmaker.me, we know how important it is to build healthy habits and we believe that making new habits (or breaking old ones) should be a fun, interactive and social experience. Turn your habit challenge in to an exciting experience! Define your goals, track your progress and celebrate your achievements.

Habitmaker.me challenges you to kick-start better habits today!



The Schumanator

Schuman believes in life being action packed and knows that to have fulfill your potential you have to take care of the basics. Habitmaker.me makes it easy to get back on track.

The Schumantor brings to the table his business savvy, enthusiasm for all things entrepreneurial and a kick ass law degree to boot.

In his spare time he fancies himself as a jazz musician in the style of Monty Alexander.


Beth is a type 1 diabetic cares that about healthy habits because she knows that taking care of your self can be the difference between a productive day and a trip to the hospital. Habitmaker.me makes it a rewarding experience to keep on top of your habits.

Beth comes to the team with a passion for problem solving, a background in scientific thinking and a commitment to good teamwork.

When Beth is not working her “real job” or in deep thought or conversation, you may find hard at play with her bike – out on the trails or on polo court.


Being creative takes a lot out of you, and Erin knows that to become a 3D creature artist you need to be on top of your game. Habitmaker.me makes the little changes a joy so that can focus on achieving your life goals.

Erin is the team’s resident graphics expert. Erin has a background in games design, and brings with her a no-holds barred can-do attitude. Erin will try her hand at anything and knows how to deliver a quality product in record time.

When Erin doing art, looking after her many pets (including three dogs, a cat, a gecko and a school of fish) she can be found online beating the stuffing out of the baddies.


Tiffany has a passion for being creative and productive and knows the challenges of a dynamic modern life. Tiffany does it all and knows that it’s vital to have habits that ensure your performance is always at its peak. Habitmaker.me makes it easy to remember and celebrate the achievement of the habits you want.

Tiffany is the team’s communications, entrepreneurship and innovation expert. Tiffany brings her impressive marketing, innovation and management nous to Habitmaker.me.

Alongside being a teacher, trainer, dancer, Tiffany enjoys regular trips through Europe with her cabaret Jazz ensemble where she can express her creative and outrageous side.


Sam believes that everyone can improve their habits in order to enjoy their regular life and the fruits of good your long-term health. Habbitmaker.me makes it engaging and fun to do the achieve the changes that are healthy and make sense.

Sam brings to the team a potent combination of technical experience, enthusiasm and drive Habitmaker.me. Sam is responsible for the flow of information behind the site and uses his thorough understanding process and razor sharp logic to ensure a user-friendly product.

When Sam is not absorbed with the slog for his penultimate Software Engineering project, he likes to emerge from the soft glow of the computer screen to enjoy the benefits of a passion for cooking.


Kaan believes improving your habits is a natural drive and should be fun and engaging. Habitmaker.me makes it easy to define your goals, visualize your progress and celebrate your progress.

Kaal brings to the team a thoughtful and thorough problem solving approach. Caal is an IT student who brings his front-end designer for Habitmaker.com and brings both his programing and thorough design skill.

In his spare time, Kaan in working on picking up the guitar and making a name for himself on the internet.

Team Speciality
The Schumanator Business/ Law
Beth Scientist
Erin Graphic Artist
Tiffany Marketing/ Management
Sam Back End Dev
Kaan Front End Dev
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