Future Summit

Future Summit 2009


May 18th and 19th In Melbourne

A number of digital and social media participants have been invited to attend the 2009 Future Summit. In order to maximise the value and impact of the crew, we wanted to invite everyone else in this space to send through their thoughts on what issues we should be representing and ideas on how we can get our message across.

Attendees From Digital/Social Space

Bronwen Clune http://twitter.com/bronwen
John Jonson http://twitter.com/jjprojects
Duncan Riley http://twitter.com/duncanriley
Kate Carruthers http://twitter.com/kcarruthers
Ross Hill http://twitter.com/rosshill
Markus Haffner http://twitter.com/eskimo_sparky
Michael Specht http://twitter.com/mspecht
Steve Hopkins http://twitter.com/stevehopkins
Mick Liubinskas http://twitter.com/liubinskas

What issues should we push?

Name Description and Notes Votes (add one to total to vote for it)
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How do we best get the message across?

What are your ideas for how we can get attention for our issues?

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