Fruitful Foragers

Description Team

Dale Rogers bridges the gap between technology and the people. Whilst others make the code, Dale makes the code make sense. With a trade in electrics, and an interest in computers since knee-high, Dale has built, designed and developed.

Sarah Yu Economics, accounting, marketing and client relationship guru. Sarah has 4 years managerial experience providing client-orientated strategies. She is an avid seasonal picker of plums, pears, mushrooms and blackberries.

Cynthia Bustamante is an accountant with 5 years working experience in auditing and finance. Cynthia loves cooking with freshly picked pears.

Sally Twitchen has an international background in nutrition and natural therapies. She has over 6 years in business project development experience. Sally's goal is for a sustainable garden where each meal is made from fresh produce.

David Katalinic is a student at the University of Canberra who is studying IT and Media and has been using computers ever since he can remember. He also works at the local delicatessen and is taking the opportunity to learn everything he can from working with Fruitful Foragers.

Together they are Fruitful Foragers and they will give you a food location finder for self-sufficiency to "Find you way, Pick you own"!

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