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"The essence of the world from a 1000 angles"

Welcome to the Eye Opening Photography space, solely dedicated to sharing the world’s most spectacular locations through photography, each caption is shot with passion and posted for everyone to admire around the world. This open resource allows for enthusiasts as well as the general public to share the landscapes they've enjoyed through photographs. Nowhere else on the web is this displayed in a way that's so easily accessible.

To our members, photographs are so much more than an archive. They are uncompromising in pursuing the shot they want and are more than happy to give up sleep in exchange for time to capture the world in all its glory. Each still conveys an emotion and each caption an insight to their lives.

Our aim is to provide a space for all photography enthusiasts to share with and comment on, Locations from the world around us, whether be it the crumbling Coliseum in Rome or the vast salt plains of Makgadikgadi. With tools such as Google Maps seamlessly integrated with the locations and tags in each photo, it’s now easier than ever to share with the world the most memorable

Take a moment to enjoy the spectacles that are truly eye-opening and allow yourself to be carried away with the oasis. We look forward to sharing your captions, your stories and, no doubt, your most memorable destinations.


Name Contact Details Experince
Jim Liu ua.ude.stu.tneduts|uil.mij#ua.ude.stu.tneduts|uil.mij He’s studying an undergraduate degree in IT, he has over 12 months experience in the IT industry working with varies banks and IT firms.
Mohamad Amin moc.liamg|68nimaom#moc.liamg|68nimaom Business ventures and startup. Main focus is cash cow creation businesses. Qualifications Civil Engineer and project management Cert.4
Bradley Hircock moc.liamg|kcocrihb#moc.liamg|kcocrihb Studing an undergraduate degree in IT, Brad has had 12 months experience in the professional services and development roles, having worked with companies who capitalise on their niche markets
Stephen Wilson ua.moc.evil|nosliw-evets#ua.moc.evil|nosliw-evets Steve is another undergraduate who is studing IT. He has over 12 months of experience with one of the world leaders of Information Technology and solutions.
Robert Bressi moc.liamg|isserb.trebor#moc.liamg|isserb.trebor Another undergraduate studying IT, Rob has over 12 months of experience in the IT industry, having worked with various banks and large solutions provides.
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