Eshisha Ehookah Stick

Electronic shisha sticks, also referred to as electronic hookah pens do not contain and nicotine, tar, tobacco or other harmful toxins. In Australia the shisha pens can be legally smoked indoors.
There are many different shisha stick flavours such as blueberry flavoured shisha, apple flavoured shisha stick, mint flavoured hookah, energy drink ehookas and many other flavours!
The hookah sticks are very easy to use, they come conveniently packed and are very light and portable. You can easily put them in a bag or pocket. All you have to do is remove the seal and just puff away! You do not need any matches, lighters or fire! It all works with a battery and are disposable.


When you smoke these shisha pens, you get a nice looking cloud of smoke, referred to as vapour. This vapour is odour less and doesn't contain harmful toxins like tobacco smoke. This is only water vapour. You can also do amazing tricks with this smoke such as Ring smoke, French inhale, bull ring smoke and more! If you would like to do these amazing tricks, we recommend that you buy our products because they come with a strong battery (as opposed to cheaper brands) which will generate much more smoke for your amusement!
As an added advantage our shisha sticks come with a nice smell, unlike cigarettes! Our store room smells amazing! They are bursting with flavour and we are sure that you will enjoy them! They are also cheaper than you average packet of cigarettes and offer between 600 to 800 puffs per shisha!

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