Dreamsharediscover Press Release

Dreamsharediscover launches dreaming-to-living experience

Melboure, Victoria, 10th April, 2010

Dreamsharediscover is a platform for university students to share their dreams and experiences with like-minded individuals.

At dreamsharediscover we view dreams as unfulfilled experiences; this can range from taking a hot air balloon ride, to building a shed in your backyard. We want to promote a collaborative space that encourages people to achieve their goals.

Through Dreamsharediscover, users post dreams and experiences that are rated by their peers. Ratings are a good way of conveying the communities’ interest towards an enriching experience.

We aim to start a buzz within the student community by creating an atmosphere of living dreams instead of merely thinking them; by taking an idea, putting it in a physical location, and having access to support and advice, students will be encouraged to act on their ideas, thereby living their own dreams.

For more information on this service

Visit: http://www.dreamsharediscover.com
Contact: Rohan Irvine at moc.liamg|revocsiderahsmaerd#moc.liamg|revocsiderahsmaerd

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