Comp-Out is an online platform that allows businesses who require specialist expertise to crowdsource amongst university students capable of providing services by participating in hosted virtual competitions.


The mission of Comp-Out is to deliver an innovative medium for university students and business to collaborate on projects. Facilitating successful talent sourcing whilst offering a creative solution to minimising business costs.


Studying the latest techniques in your field. Why not improve your skills and put them to the test in the latest events and competitions run by universities and businesses.

How It Works?

Sign up with Comp-Out and tell us what interests you. We'll offer competitions and events relevant to your interests. Enter competition and compete for prizes. The business that hosts the competition picks you as the winner! They pay for your work! Everyone Wins!


Want to get your new logo designed, need a website revamp? Why not host a competition to choose from the best of the best of the up and coming talents?

How It Works?

Sign up and host your competition. Draft your competition to host on the site or if you need a little help, why not ask us? Then you'll receive a collection of submissions from numbers of specialty students. Pick a Winner! You get to keep the winning project and they get a prize! Everyone Wins!

Who are we?


Generalist Specialist

Hi! I'm Ian, a fourth year engineering student from China. I'm a sport-maniac and I do fencing and rowing the most often nowadays. I love the nature and outdoor activities. I also enjoy reading, listening to music and playing computer games.

I like to go out and socialise. I also enjoy working in a team, where ideas spring out like fountains, yet, I'm also capable of tackling tasks on my own. I'm thrilled by challenges and I see problem-solving as my second nature.

  • Critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Active during debugging and building business model
  • Interest in business and marketing also brought the team an alternative view of the current market


Generalist Specialist

I’m Mitch. “Hi Mitch!” I’m a Business student at UC where my passion lies in entrepreneurship and innovation. When I’m not studying or working on my latest idea you can find me trying (keyword trying) to fix my ‘76 Mini or hanging out with mates. I love a good book and a lazy Sunday drive with the company than no other than a good song, nothing beats cruising down a slow country road to the sweet sounds of a classic blues track.

  • Experience launching websites
  • General business knowledge
  • Entrepreneurial skills and experience


Front-end Developer / Graphic Design

I am Daryl. A final-year software engineering undergrad at the Australian National University. I code. I do graphic design. I enjoy martial arts, hitting the gym, music, movies and good food.

  • 4 years software engineering experience with honourary awards
  • 3 years media experience with multiple awards and book prizes
  • Worked on multiple large scale web development projects


Back-end Developer

My name is Matt, I am a 4th year Software Engineering student from ANU. I my spare time I enjoy programming, rugby and hanging out with friends. I have previously worked on websites, financial processing systems and mobile applications.

  • 4 years software engineering experience
  • Experience with online financial processing systems
  • Worked on multiple large scale web development and software projects


Back-end Developer

I am Max, I enjoy programming and writing javascript in eclipse. I enjoy long walks on the beach, strawberries and chocolate with bird watching. But Seriously, I enjoy programming and working with new technologies to find new and innovate ways to do things.

  • 2 Years Experiance working in a enterprice environment, performing system administration and development . This includes support and Level 3 support of over 100,000 clients.
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Worked on multiple large scale web development projects



Press Release



Online Competition Platform Comp-Out Connecting Student with Local SmallBusinesses Seeking Promotion of Both Parties

Canberra, March 05, 2012 - Comp-Out, a unique website that acts as an online platform for hosting and entering competitions focused on collaborating university students with local small-medium businesses. Comp-Out's credits it's current direction as a result of the effort of organisors of the Start-Up Camp Canberra III, sponsored by ANU, UC and Lighthouse Business Innovation Center.

Comp-Out allows Canberra businesses who require specialist expertise to crowd-source amongst local university students who are capable of providing services by participating in hosted virtual competitions. At the same time, it provides a community where students can find competitions and self-development events. The value of Comp-Out extends to all users, providing a win-win situation for all involved.

For further information, talk to us on moc.tuo-pmoc|tcatnoc#moc.tuo-pmoc|tcatnoc.


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